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                        Neptune Into Pisces: Are You For Real?

by Marvin Wilkerson on 02/29/12

All the great principles of the Piscean age are embodied in the energy represented by the planet Neptune. Describing this energy is the most difficult for Astrologer’s since it is the total of all known and unknown realities. It is a fog that covers the earth which is seen but nebulous to the grasp. Simply, it is GOD, which our mind destroys with any definition.  It is the glue of the universe called agape love. We know there is love in our hearts, but we cannot fully describe or prove that energy called love. That is Neptune, like water, has no form without a container, yet can take shape and form to whatever holds or surrounds it.

The best way to describe Neptune and the effects of Neptune in Pisces is by observation and correlation of how all life, especially humans respond to its cycle through the heavens. By understanding some of the keywords associated with Neptune we may get a glimpse of how humanity will be re-shaped over the next 13 years it is in its home sign of Pisces.

Neptune represents the sub-conscious mind. This is also where Carl Jung atttached the “collective unconscious” the mind of mass humanities thoughts. There is a reality that lives in our sub-conscious where we have stored memories, emotions, experiences, and have the entire collection of our individual and collective pasts. This is where the human drama throughout history is stored. It is the symbols, archetypes and knowledge humanity has passed along from one generation to another.

Neptune can be defined by the enlightened beings and shamans that can experience all life in all realities passing in and out of worlds and universes unknown. Here is where spirituality has its nebulous form. We call this indefinable form “connection” and “relationship” to all consciousness which may or may not be conscious. So we must honor all life as equals and respect all that is or might be because is of the one body of Spirit.

There is no time or space in Neptune land, so to be Neptunian we must have faith in the “ALL” and live in the very moment of our existence, be fully present. These two virtues have been taught by all of the enlightened beings. With faith we can move mountains and only when we are in the moment can we truly be creative.

Yet it is Neptune that binds all humanity. It connects us to one another and when Astrologer’s see a monetary windfall, from the lottery, or sudden riches, there is a Neptune transit. The collective unconsciousness of Neptune, bestows gifts or payment of riches, a dharma, a payment for a good deed, which changes ones reality. But it’s also Neptune, Pisces which rules institutions, jails, hospitals which is where society sends those that need help, healing or those that must be segregated because of their socially unacceptable behaviors.  Neptune rules Democracy, all is for one and one is for all. We all are part and parcel of the one body, and what effects one affects us all.

The beauty of Neptune is found in the place of inspiration. Where songs just pop in for the song writer or the painting for the painter but this is the place of illusions. And illusion accepted as reality is delusion.  Whatever gets repressed gets distorted and will eventually lead to clarity. Neptune represents addiction and whatever we are addicted we will eventually lose desire and become clear about truth, reality.

So where will Neptune take us in our evolutionary journey? One of the effects is being seen and felt already. Mass consciousness will reign supreme over individuals motivated by ego and power for self promotion. There will be a reduction of power in the hands of the few.

A spiritual inclination among people will grow as organized belief systems will lose some glamour. Religious is an external philosophy while spirituality is an internal experience. But true to being Neptune there will be a sprouting of secret societies and fringe elements that will be fostered to gain a spiritual power i.e. black magic.

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Along the spiritual lines more and more people will begin to acknowledge clairvoyance, clairaudience and mystical powers. There will also be greater inspiration for artistic, poetic talent and way out fashions.  Neptune rules film and actors so I would expect better movies and several unusually talented actors/actresses to appear.

As has already begun to occur I expect many cases of fraud and deception. The medical field, petroleum, mines and criminal institutions are a few areas the masses will be shocked at the corruption taking place. The waste of so much when many will have so little will be unacceptable while Neptune reigns.   

Another issue will be a lack of rational thought with society experiencing those in power with presenting ideals that will be more delusional and glamorous than possible. A definite socialist movement will take hold but strikes and labor unrests could turn people against unreasonable demands.

We must not forget Neptune is a double edged sword as addictions could take on a whole new dimension along with immorality, deception and perversion. There will be those that will totally run from responsibility.

The greatest reward of Neptune for humanity is a coming together as a single voice. Much can be gained from a greater experience of community. And our spiritual voice will be much louder.

Many Blessings,

Marvin L Wilkerson