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Phase Personalities Guide

by Marvin Wilkerson on 07/20/11

Here is a sample of the quick Phase Guide I have put together from the book I am writing “Phases & Healing.” You can order this full guide via my website order page for $5.00


CRESCENT       Male Intuition, Instinctive Body; Spleen Chakra;

 Keys = Intuition, Instinct, Senses to track desires; Self-assertive; Persistent; Black sheep; Faith in self; Quality of action; Eager; Listen to sub-conscious voices;

  Challenge=Self-Doubt; Commitment; Blame or Guilt; Fear being overwhelmed; Internal struggle; egotism; Inhibitions; Sex & Money issues;

 Healing=Herb teas; Large amounts of water; Let go, be silly; Party w/yourself; Community involvement; Coming to terms with; Learning to manipulate politically; Learn to respond w/o fear;

 You will recieve all 8 Phases. The healings are specific from my research of 15 years for “Phases & Healing” which I am currently writing. This is a must have tool for all Astrologers. I will send it to your e-mail or I will send you a laminated color copy, which ever you prefer.