The Balsamic Time Of Year: The Calm Before The Storm!

The Balsamic Time Of Year: The Calm Before The Storm!

by Marvin Wilkerson on 02/29/12

As I get back to work from a quick trip to Virginia Beach, the rising sun is still etched in my mind coming up over the ocean. It’s been a long time since I took that in from the 8th floor of the ocean front hotel balcony. It is a surreal feeling listening to the ocean crashing on the beach while the orange flame begins to light the sky. As I sat there pondering the change in energy this year with the ruler of the oceans, Neptune, moving into the sign of the oceans Pisces, while we are moving into the Balsamic Phase of the year, Pisces, I must admit I lost myself, Neptune, in the moment.

As of February the 3rd the planet of God consciousness entered into Pisces, its own sign until 2025. Yes, it is a slow process but a sure process that effects change in humanities realities.  I personally feel of all the changes coming over the next 4 years this is really the most important. In simple terms since the article for this month’s newsletter is all about Neptune lets suffice it to say for right now Neptune is the energy of agape love and the connection of all things in the universe including all dimensions however you choose to connect.

It’s very serendipitous this energy would be entering into Pisces, its natural sign, while we enter into the Balsamic time of the year which is very Pisces. Balsamic is the time where we are in a letting go phase. In the natural cycle the spring equinox is the true beginning of life coming alive. So for the next 45 days we are living out the winter in a sheltered existence waiting for spring while pondering the prospects of the New Year.

Balsamic Phase is releasing and letting go but also dreamtime. This is an inspiring time of the year as our constant introspection builds a frustration and desire for activities and action. Then by spring time we are really ready to jump into action.

The Balsamic Phase is related to the Spiritual Mental body or as the “On Time” work describes it as the Intellectual Body of Man. This body is powered by perception and thought. Hearing and sound awakens the intellect. Hearing relates to the internal voice which connects us to our sub-conscious mind, dreams and our high self. You could think of this time as listening to our marching orders. We are also assessing our past and linking our internal urgings with our desires for the future.

Sound is the connection of all outer listening. We are all moved by some external stimulus such as music, moving water, singing, natural earth sounds, talking and communicating along with many others. A healing sound of vibration such as tuning forks would be an example of an external sound that would cleanse and release energy in the body where it’s been stagnant. Watching movies or hanging out at the shopping malls feeling up your wish basket is very much a part of the dreaming process even if it’s daydreaming.

As we ended the calendar year in 3rd Quarter we began to experience our accomplishments and failures for the year. There has been a sense of wanting/desiring something more. As we move to Balsamic we are stimulated to rebuild our ambitions to create a new dream to accomplish more, something bigger, better and more creative than the past.  By pouring out the stagnant waters in the glass we can re-fill the glass with fresh water. So now is the time to release, let go and dream.

The Balsamic Phase is also where we can align with the highest aspect of ourselves. This is where we listen to the intuitive guidance of our high self. Spiritually, this is where the personality self and the true self can merge. It is important to listen during this phase to our inner voice. Our biggest obstacle is the personality is powered by our emotions, instincts and feelings. The “High Self” can only be clearly heard when the personality has stepped aside allowing pure intellect and thought. We are able to think clearly when the personality is not involved. We call this meditation.

Balsamic is represented by purity on the Medicine Wheel. By releasing at Balsamic the tools of the personality, emotions, instincts, and feelings, we are free to listen, assess and know what needs to be done to maintain our balance (yang/yin) and direction to move up the spiral of evolution.

Now is the time to plant the seeds of tomorrow and journal your wishes for next year. That year start March 21st, the first day of spring.

Many Blessings,