The Bridge of Innocence

The Bridge of Innocence

by Marvin Wilkerson on 02/29/12

This will be a year of dynamic change. Humans don’t do well with change, so let’s look to nature for guidance on the bridge leading to change. Astrology, is a tool man can use for the signs of change. The sign that stands out the most is two major planets, Uranus/Pluto, beginning a 2nd Quarter phase in June, setting the stage for the next 3 years. This energy is roughly a 200 year cycle that involves a major evolution of civilization and personal awakening.

This part of the cycle tells us on a personal/physical level we need to be mindful of all stress related imbalances. There will be changes in the rhythm of biological processes which means being aware of your nerves and breathing. A great routine to follow this year will be to choose an activity of movement that calms the nerves and yoga or exercise program that creates deep breathing which is calming when one is under stress.

We will have a little support from Mars, the energy of action, for the first 6 months of the year as it will be in an internalizing cycle. It is in the sign of Virgo which is the sign of habits, routines and health.  This will be supportive starting in late January to adhere to routines that will keep our nerves calm while facing daily frustrations and help us listen to what our bodies are telling to us.

And lastly, if there ever was a time to detach from our ego identifications of success and failure, now is that time. We are on the bridge of change, and it will take time for the new ways of life to form in society and around the world. It takes a lot of steps to cross a bridge, so try to see things as a cycle, one part of the spiral, which leads us all to an ever greater awareness of our spiritual roots. Thus, the individual whose innocence is fixed upon spiritualization, not external gratification, should genuinely radiate INNOCENCE and inner peace. Stay well.


Marvin L. Wilkerson,