“Welcome to my website which represents over 50 years of my life’s studies in Astrology and the healing science’s. I have put several of these studies on this site for your enjoyment in your quest for knowledge. Recently my endeavors have encompassed studies into the subconscious mind which allows me to assist individuals to not only discover life patterns but how to release patterns that no longer serve the individual. My first experience in working with the subconscious mind (past life regression) extends back to the 80’s. As you will see from my writings Astrology can assist people in so many ways that even my self or this website can not begin to address. As to my style of reading a horoscope comes from studying the greatest minds in Astrology over the past hundred years which provides a unique approach. I read the chart as a whole that will produce profound insight into your past, present and evolution into your future. I hope you enjoy your journey through this site.” Many Blessings, Marvin

Knowing astrologers for over 40 years has provided me with a true character study of who these individuals might be. But let us be sure of one fact of life. There are charlatans and unscrupulous people in every profession. Having said that let’s define a true astrologer. 
Without question each has done the equivalent of a four-year college degree, at least. You don’t read a few books to be an astrologer. Knowing sun sign astrology makes up about 5% of an interpretation. All real Astrologers have completed some education in psychology. Most professional astrology books have a psychological interpretation and inclination to them. 
Genuine astrologers are spiritual and with a strong philosophy. And most importantly, they have an authentic compassion about life. Real astrologers never predict anything for certain. And all real astrologers have a very strong intuition, with a solid sense of organization regarding life. If you don’t sense or experience these traits in one you’ve turned to, find another astrologer, for every trait mentioned is an absolute.  
When we cease to live the symbolic life, we cease to partake in the life of the gods.
–Carl Jung
What Can a Real Astrologer Give You?
Gods, used in the plural sense, define human mythology found with the ancient Greeks, Romans and all human civilizations as far back as history is recorded. In mythology gods represent the facets or face of the one God or deity. As such, each god symbolizes the struggle or perfection in each individual. Living a symbolic life means to study and apply the essence of each god to perfect ourselves. These symbols are the archetypes, or the compass settings, that lead us to become all we can be. Same as studying nature’s characteristics.
Astrology is a personal messenger. Astrology readings are an intuitive, interpreted communication of the deity symbols of humanity and the collective human consciousness, which may very well provide clarity to personal, complex issues and circumstances in life. It doesn’t need to be believed, nor classified as a mystery or magic. It just needs to work for an individual seeking clarity. It has done just that, for millions of people over thousands of years. 
As previously explained, real astrologers are intelligent, much studied, good communicators and very intuitive. All are spiritually inclined with a strong moral compass. A professional astrologer is a person in business to facilitate people, to help them understand their lives and answer personal questions for themselves by using astrology as a catalyst. (More often than not, most people have their own answers hidden in their sub-conscious.) Astrologers are in business. Most astrologers want referrals, just as in any business that does a good job, so you can depend on a professional approach.  
I must mention that on occasion, being the same for any two people, an astrologer and client don’t connect. A professional astrologer who may be very good for many clients, may not be the right match for another. It could be just as simple as, the reading could be correct but the way it is delivered is not conducive for you to hear. Most professional astrologers will have a pre-reading discussion with you to ascertain whether they can help you or provide you with the information you seek. And they may just as well decide they cannot do so. The answer is to find another astrologer with whom you do seem well matched. 
Astrology is not a mystery or a belief. The simplest things in life bring some of our greatest understanding. But the human mind sometimes needs complexity to make things real. The mystery behind astrology is no bigger than any other profession, science, vocation or study. Simply put, if you have not studied something, than its a mystery.
Every system used for understanding life has its detractors. Its human nature to question the validity of everything. We are all insecure, fearful and have the need to maintain a belief system that allows us to exist in internal peace. We establish realities that provide us with our individual truths and invoke confidence. We seek others to agree. So we form groups, cultures and societies which produce religions, governments, sciences and organizations all in the name of shared individual realities and beliefs.
If there were 10 scientists in a room, how many would agree on anything? How about 10 religious people; how many would agree to what God is or isn’t? Actually, the bigger the mystery the more we disagree. A discussion about astrology, most certainly brings up as many questions as why it costs so much for car repairs. Can science prove a soul? Can religion prove God? But every one of us has a personal voice that speaks to us. 
Lets entertain a few questions. Is astrology a belief? Is psychology a belief? Is science a belief? You must examine the word belief to answer.
Belief: An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists; something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction. 
Should we add, in the moment? Science changes facts every 20 years or so. Do we pass on beliefs from generation to generation while maintaining its original truth? Are naysayers afraid that their beliefs are nullified with others’ beliefs? What’s the motivation behind any question?
Astrology is not a belief, any more than arithmetic is a belief. There’s nothing to believe. It just works when you understand the system well enough to interpret. 
Is arithmetic a belief or even a mystery? Lets define mystery.
Mystery: Anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown; i.e. the mysteries of nature.
Haven’t people of great knowledge, students of astrology, tried for thousands of years to explain the merits of astrology? Have you ever heard of a single person become a truly studied individual of astrology and say it has no validity? 
The answer is very simple and stands the test of time. Astrology can be summed up in two words, observation and correlation. Astrology doesn’t need the proverbial dog and pony show or science to prove its merit. It only needs two; two people concerned with life. One who has studied the 10,000 year old art and science and one who has questions about life. The human connections take over from there.
I have put this site together to define who I am. I wanted to convey through my services what I have learned from my search. Along with the many tools I have come across I enjoy sharing the many teachings from some great teachers in my life. My readings are sincere in offering you the best understanding of what your map is conveying to you. 
 I consider all questions and concerns important from your perspective. All life is a work in progress to become something more. We are all seekers and teachers; I am at your service.
We all live in a world full of beliefs and archetypes that define who we are as individuals, people, culture, society and humanity. World history is full of repeating stories, myths and symbolisms that define our current perception of reality. We all need past and current heroes, people that went above and beyond. How did the lives of Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Mahatma Gandhi affect generations with standards of world service and sacrifice? They were people that defined our highest sense of who we can be. They symbols of greatness.  
Anyone who works with symbols will develop intuitive senses behind the meaning of each. Working with an astrologer to interpret a universal map can and will take many different styles and shapes. The most important thing to remember is the relationship–the interaction with the interpreter–will be sufficient to obtain clarity concerning the subject matter. The greater the interpolation, the greater the interpretation for discerning understanding.
Astrologers draw a map called a horoscope for the moment of birth or a moment in time. That moment of birth of anything, such as a person, a question, business or country, can provide insight into its potential for growth or outcome by interpreting the meaning of that moment. Of course this makes it pretty important to have your own insights into who you are speaking.
Be that as it may, can we agree that an acorn will become an oak tree? That’s the trust of observation and experience. The RNA/DNA code of the universe as well as a moment in time provides the same understanding. How can we get to this information?
Forecast vs. Prediction
Never accept a prediction as a fact but always take an umbrella with you when the weatherman calls for rain; it makes for a better attitude! A professional astrologer properly educated and with honest motives will never make a prediction. They can, however, through observation and correlation, offer several ideas about what energy, currently or in the future, you will be working with and how you may best use it. 
Medicine Wheels date back as far as the Great Pyramids of Egypt. They are found all over North America in different sizes and shapes, with the most famous being the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Alberta, Canada. Medicine Wheels are used for a multitude of ceremonies from honoring the seasons, healing, and simply honoring and understanding life. It was and still used as a way to define life from natures perspective. In the late 70’s a Chippewa Medicine Man named Sun Bear re-introduced his vision of the Medicine Wheel to bring harmony and balance to all people. He called it Earth Astrology to recognize that the support for all life is mother earth. Using a Medicine Wheel not only teaches about life but teaches how to honor all life, live in harmony, in balance and give healing energy to Mother Earth.
When we build Medicine Wheels today it brings a tremendous sense of connectedness to each other and all life because it is symbolic of all life. Using different types of Medicine Wheels, (totems or nature representatives) brings a unique message from each totem as well as each part of the wheel, as Sun Bear puts it; the Medicine Wheel is a springboard of power that will allow you to link up with all energies of the universe. We know all life is energy, so all life has a spirit. The many teachings that come from this tool of understanding help us to see our visible world and our invisible, spiritual world. Each spirit in nature is connected in life by the creator and those spirits of nature can help humanity connect to creator by connecting to them and listening to their message.
You can think of a Medicine Wheel as being a road map in the grand spiral of life; the spiral of coming from and returning to our creator. When we take a slice out of the spiral we call it a circle or cycle. Within this circle, all parts of life become a living reality where we can SEE how we each participate. Where we can understand our connections and conflicts in everything we do and all relations we experience including society at large. A Medicine Wheel is an experience of the heart, where all truth and love reside. There is no belief system, or religion other than honoring all life as equal, loving, connected and in harmony as we are all ONE in the creators vision. The Medicine Wheel will help us find ourselves and our role.
Ceremonies are a way humans can interact with the dance we call life, that provides a certain value. They can inspire us to become something more, or allow us to honor the gifts we receive in life. Ceremonies are a way to give our personal energy back, by our voice, singing and word, which belies all creation. Allows us to express love through our heart, with prays and mantra. Give blessings to all with our eyes, sight and vision. Ceremonies in nature allow on to honor Mother Earth and all her living beings.
Humans have many symbols in life that connect us to the past and bind us together. We all have a common thread that runs through us called the collective consciousness. These symbols come to us in many forms and fashion. The Medicine Wheel is a tool that helps us define the symbols and how to apply them in our life to become whole. Participants in Medicine Wheel ceremonies most often receive visions ranging from animal spirits to the Archangels. Experiencing a Medicine Wheel ceremony for the first time can be life altering. Learning to build a Medicine Wheel along with the rituals and ceremonies is a spiritual gift to yourself that will continue to teach you for the rest of your life. 

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