Astrology of Relationship

When I was in sales management, it was always so interesting to meet someone whom I could tell instantly had a great personality and a wonderful energy; could articulate who they were, why they were looking for a job, and then tell me they had never sold before and were not sure they could. My stock response to them was to ask if they were married. When they would affirm, I would giggle while I informed them they had sold themselves at least once to somebody!

In sales its a rule of thumb people actually size you up and decide if they like someone within six seconds (go ahead think about it) and decide if they were going to buy from you in 20 seconds. Yep! That is all it takes to connect and make a decision. Thus, the unseen energy of relationship moves between us all the time.

On a universal scale let us examine this fact: the Earth is spinning 1,000 mph, the Earth is traveling 66,000 mph around the sun, and the sun and solar system are poking along the edge of the Milky Way at 481,000 mph, while the Milky Way is a tad speedier at ​1,350,000 mph, moving around
a cluster of galaxies. Add this to the fact that every single part of your body is in constant motion, and every atom in you is a mini-galaxy dancing and gyrating at incalculable speed, yet, you remain intact.

We cannot feel, see or taste radio waves that cover the Earth’s atmosphere. Yet we know they are there. It is impossible to know the force that moves the ocean tides, but we know there is one. We cannot measure love, yet we feel it, sense it, we know it is there.

Even though we do not consciously think about these things every day we must never lose sight of the fact that all things are connected beyond our senses. For instance, we know we are connected to the sun because without it there is no life. When we then understand that we are in constant connection with all things, we must also understand all things have an impact on our lives. We know that nature responds to human activities, yet how often do we respond to nature? We must remember we are always in connection with the universe, and we have a relationship with that universe.

As found in most scriptures and mythologies, divine forces speak to us through the natural world. Animals have stories to tell, flowers remind us of creativity, while the sheer beauty of the planet and the universe captivates us all.

It stands to reason then, that a map of a part of this connectedness, or relationship, can help us synchronize with the whole, allowing us to become whole. Astrology is that map. A perfect map of a piece of the universe though no one has the capability of interpreting that map perfectly except YOU. Humans have free will to define their creative use of their life and energy. When the map is interfaced with our ego and thinking, the conflicts in the use of that life and energy can be revealed. Remember, there are no mistakes in nature. Connecting with nature is one path to alignment with the creator of all.

Once we accept our connectedness to the universe, we can then understand how the universe will communicate to us when we are not in alignment with the perfection of nature. The voice of nature’s communication is synchronicity.

Recently I was building a Medicine Wheel and wanted some nice sized rocks to represent the various placements on the wheel. Of course, at the center of the Wheel is the Creator Stone, so I wanted the largest rock, a boulder, to fill that position. I found one up the hill about 40 feet away. I could barely pick it up so I started rolling it to get it in a better position when it suddenly started rolling down hill toward the circle I had defined for the wheel. I helplessly held my breath as it made a right turn, hit a tree and settled six inches from where I designed the Creator Stone to be. For a week prior I was asking that I get a sign as to the right stone to be the Creator Stone. Six inches. I think I found it.

We all have stories of occurrences we can so easily brush off as luck or chance. We also know that the more we pay attention to life’s subtleties the more we realize the little occurrences that ledd us to a decision. Could this be the relationship we have with nature, the universe?

When we experience a number of occurrences we get a little understanding of the Chinese, whose theories of medicine, philosophy and even building are based on a belief of meaningful coincidences. The old Chinese texts did not ask “what causes what, but rather, what likes to occur with what.”

An astrology consultation is the art and science of interpreting an understanding of nature, symbolisms, archetypes, connections and synchronicities. Astrology can help us define our internal and external conflicts. Astrology can helps us identify the major component patterns in our lives: the ones of attraction, repulsion, adhesion and cohesion. Astrology can give us an idea of the energies most present in our life now and how they can be used in the future. Astrology is the umbrella for the forecast of a rainy day.

About this Site

I have put this site together to define who I am. I wanted to convey through my services what I have learned from my search. Along with the many tools I have come across I enjoy sharing the many teachings from some great teachers in my life. My readings are sincere in offering you the best understanding of what your map is conveying to you.

I consider all questions and concerns important from your perspective. All life is a work in progress to become something more. We are all seekers and teachers; I am at your service.

Marvin L. Wilkerson