Astrology, Scientific Mystery or Gullible Belief?

Astrology is not a mystery or a belief. The simplest things in life bring some of our greatest understanding. But the human mind sometimes needs complexity to make things real. The mystery behind astrology is no bigger than any other profession, science, vocation or study. Simply put, if you have not studied something, than its a mystery.

Every system used for understanding life has its detractors. Its human nature to question the validity of everything. We are all insecure, fearful and have the need to maintain a belief system that allows us to exist in internal peace. We establish realities that provide us with our individual truths and invoke confidence. We seek others to agree. So we form groups, cultures and societies which produce religions, governments, sciences and organizations all in the name of shared individual realities and beliefs.

If there were 10 scientists in a room, how many would agree on anything? How about 10 religious people; how many would agree to what God is or isn’t? Actually, the bigger the mystery the more we disagree. A discussion about astrology, most certainly brings up as many questions as why it costs so much for car repairs. Can science prove a soul? Can religion prove God? But every one of us has a personal voice that speaks to us.

Lets entertain a few questions. Is astrology a belief? Is psychology a belief? Is science a belief? You must examine the word belief to answer.

Belief: An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists; something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

Should we add, in the moment? Science changes facts every 20 years or so. Do we pass on beliefs from generation to generation while maintaining its original truth? Are naysayers afraid that their beliefs are nullified with others’ beliefs? What’s the motivation behind any question?

Astrology is not a belief, any more than arithmetic is a belief. There’s nothing to believe. It just works when you understand the system well enough to interpret.

Is arithmetic a belief or even a mystery? Lets define mystery.

Mystery: Anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown; i.e. the mysteries of nature.

Haven’t people of great knowledge, students of astrology, tried for thousands of years to explain the merits of astrology? Have you ever heard of a single person become a truly studied individual of astrology and say it has no validity?

The answer is very simple and stands the test of time. Astrology can be summed up in two words, observation and correlation. Astrology doesn’t need the proverbial dog and pony show or science to prove its merit. It only needs two; two people concerned with life. One who has studied the 10,000 year old art and science and one who has questions about life. The human connections take over from there