Definition of a real Astrologer

Knowing astrologers for over 40 years has provided me with a true character study of who these individuals might be. But let us be sure of one fact of life. There are charlatans and unscrupulous people in every profession. Having said that let’s define a true astrologer.

Without question each has done the equivalent of a four-year college degree, at least. You don’t read a few books to be an astrologer. Knowing sun sign astrology makes up about 5% of an interpretation. All real Astrologers have completed some education in psychology. Most professional astrology books have a psychological interpretation and inclination to them.

Genuine astrologers are spiritual and with a strong philosophy. And most importantly, they have an authentic compassion about life. Real astrologers never predict anything for certain. And all real astrologers have a very strong intuition, with a solid sense of organization regarding life. If you don’t sense or experience these traits in one you’ve turned to, find another astrologer, for every trait mentioned is an absolute.
When we cease to live the symbolic life, we cease to partake in the life of the gods.
–Carl Jung

What Can a Real Astrologer Give You?

Gods, used in the plural sense, define human mythology found with the ancient Greeks, Romans and all human civilizations as far back as history is recorded. In mythology gods represent the facets or face of the one God or deity. As such, each god symbolizes the struggle or perfection in each individual. Living a symbolic life means to study and apply the essence of each god to perfect ourselves. These symbols are the archetypes, or the compass settings, that lead us to become all we can be. Same as studying nature’s characteristics.

Astrology is a personal messenger. Astrology readings are an intuitive, interpreted communication of the deity symbols of humanity and the collective human consciousness, which may very well provide clarity to personal, complex issues and circumstances in life. It doesn’t need to be believed, nor classified as a mystery or magic. It just needs to work for an individual seeking clarity. It has done just that, for millions of people over thousands of years.

As previously explained, real astrologers are intelligent, much studied, good communicators and very intuitive. All are spiritually inclined with a strong moral compass. A professional astrologer is a person in business to facilitate people, to help them understand their lives and answer personal questions for themselves by using astrology as a catalyst. (More often than not, most people have their own answers hidden in their sub-conscious.) Astrologers are in business. Most astrologers want referrals, just as in any business that does a good job, so you can depend on a professional approach.

I must mention that on occasion, being the same for any two people, an astrologer and client don’t connect. A professional astrologer who may be very good for many clients, may not be the right match for another. It could be just as simple as, the reading could be correct but the way it is delivered is not conducive for you to hear. Most professional astrologers will have a pre-reading discussion with you to ascertain whether they can help you or provide you with the information you seek. And they may just as well decide they cannot do so. The answer is to find another astrologer with whom you do seem well matched.