New Moon Energy


The sun and moon are the two largest bodies in the heavens from the earth’s viewpoint. They are the most important energy bodies affecting life on the planet. Man has been studying the heavens and its repetitive cycles since the beginning of his conscious awareness.

Astrologers divine the meaning of heavenly cycles which correlate to man and nature’s life on earth. Since our beginnings, whole civilizations observed and understood the concept of as above, so below.

Astrologers are also acutely aware of cycles as they work with planetary energies in a circle or wheel. A cycle is actually a slice of time out of a spiral which is the movement of the solar system through the galaxy.

The cycle then is a moment in time; an astrology chart is the energy of that moment. That energy is then the map, the birth of what is to become, i.e. an acorn becomes an oak tree or a fertilized egg becomes a human.

The sun cycle has four major points. Four is the basis of stability and the major building blocks of life: fire, earth, water and air.
The east point where the sun rises, fire, Aries
The west point where the sun sets, air, Libra
The most southern point of travel for the sun is the summer solstice, water, Cancer
The most northern point is the winter solstice, earth, Capricorn

As well, a complete lunar cycle shares the same four
East point–new moon
West point–full moon
South point–first quarter moon
North point–third quarter moon

In between each of these quarter moons is a stabilizing point which occurs approximately every 3.5 days. When combined we have the eight phases of the moon.

There really is no longer a secret to the fact that as the moon goes through a cycle it has an effect on everything from the smallest bacteria life to human behavior. Astrology is the art and science that gives language to the meaning of each point in the cycles: the travel of the moon, the travel of the sun, as well as the whole cycle of the two together. Of course there are other planetary pairs with influence but none greater than that of the Sun/Moon Cycle.

By studying this natural cycle we can follow the rhythms of life, nature and clearly begin to understand the energy of the Sun/Moon Cycle and its affect in our daily lives and the living universe.