Moon Phase Personalities: Healing The Spiritual Journey

Most people are familiar with the division of the sun/moon cycle into four quarters: new, first quarter, full and third quarter. Astrologers use a division of eight phases: new, crescent, 1st quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, 3rd quarter and balsamic.

A description of the astrological phases is thus: New is getting clarity about a move in a certain direction. Crescent is breaking from the past to bring form to an idea/ideal. First Quarter will begin to manage the project into a usable form. Gibbous will begin the analysis regarding the merits of the project to refine the definition of the form. Full will present the perfected form as a relatable ideal. Disseminating will share the project through social network for testing and proving. Third Quarter will acknowledge the introduction and re-orient to a new status. Balsamic will then release the ideal/project while beginning the process of acquiring new inspiration to begin a new project.

A majority of people will agree the sun/moon cycle has an energetic effect on nature and human activity. Divisions of a cycle can then be defined as an evolving energy cycle, a developing to ending cycle of anything: an idea, a project, a business deal, or a birth of life, for a day, week, month or a lifetime.

In astrology we see the sun as the symbol of male, putting our energy, creativity, outward expression and self-projection, into the world. The moon is the symbol of female, which gathers, collects and stores our past and present experiences. The sun/moon has a relationship that works together to form the basis of who we are. The Sun/Moon relationship is the most important pair to understand as their integration implies our growth.

We are each born in a Sun/Moon phase called a phase personality. What follows is the description of each phase personality: their characteristics, their challenges and their healing or healthy integration of the external (sun) and internal (moon) parts of the personality.