The Eight Moon Phases of Personality

Phase Peronalities
Most people are familiar with the division of the sun/moon cycle into four quarters: new, first quarter, full and third quarter. Astrologers use a division of eight phases: new, crescent, 1st quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, 3rd quarter and balsamic. 
A description of the astrological phases is thus: New is getting clarity about a move in a certain direction. Crescent is breaking from the past to bring form to an idea/ideal. First Quarter will begin to manage the  project into a usable form. Gibbous will begin the analysis regarding the merits of the project to refine the definition of the form. Full will present the perfected form as a relatable ideal. Disseminating will share the project through social network for testing and proving. Third Quarter will acknowledge the introduction and re-orient to a new status. Balsamic will then release the ideal/project while beginning the process of acquiring new inspiration to begin a new project.
A majority of people will agree the sun/moon cycle has an energetic effect on nature and human activity. Divisions of a cycle can then be defined as an evolving energy cycle, a developing to ending cycle of anything: an idea, a project, a business deal, or a birth of life, for a day, week, month or a lifetime.
In astrology we see the sun as the symbol of male, putting our energy, creativity, outward expression and self-projection, into the world. The moon is the symbol of female, which gathers, collects and stores our past and present experiences. The sun/moon has a relationship that works together to form the basis of who we are. The Sun/Moon relationship is the most important pair to understand as their integration implies our growth.  
We are each born in a Sun/Moon phase called a phase personality. What follows is the description of each phase personality: their characteristics, their challenges and their healing or healthy integration of the external (sun) and internal (moon) parts of the personality.  
New Phase personality
Positive expression: Outward, action oriented; their pioneers stimulated to action by inner and outer visions that excite the individual. They will force themselves onto the scene with a gregarious personality while being impulsive living life on their own terms. Their thoughts are about the role their playing while making up the script as they go along. 
Challenge: They can be headstrong and explosive. Insecurity can hold them back from instinctive actions. If they become too unpredictable, down time to re-connect with the idea/ideal that originally stimulated them. 
Adjustments: Emotions are strong; there will be times they need to process old emotional habits and memories. Changing colors in some parts of their lives can re-stimulate them. They need to find total faith in something. Music therapy and massage are a good release as is gardening.
Crescent Phase personality
Positive expression: Outward, action oriented; their intuition, instinct and senses are quite strong. They are self-assertive and persistent while needing to maintain a deep faith in themselves. The proverbial black sheep in every family will fit this type. They have a strong need to trust their inner voice as they take actions.
Challenge: Self-doubt is their biggest obstacle as that internal struggle can lead to a lack of commitment. They can project a strong ego or passivity from the fear of being overwhelmed. Their values at times must be questioned.
Adjustments: Their uptightness can be channeled by letting go and being silly. They need to party with themselves if they cannot find one. The past can haunt them until they come to terms with it. Getting others involved in their ideas is a way of proving themselves to themselves.
First Quarter Phase personality
Positive expression: Outward, action oriented; their feelings move them to manage change. An administrative agent that brings substance to the goals they strive to achieve. They have a strong will to bring order out of chaos. Deep feelings about things make them a good judge to stay and fight or run for the hills.
Challenge: They allow themselves to become confused which causes too much struggle. Being ultra sensitive with too much pride stymies their actions. Loneliness can set in if they do not apply themselves to a problem. They must also be careful of being manipulated.
Adjustments: They need to learn to identify others motives. Traveling will boost their confidence. It is helpful to play at life, have fun and learn to take a risk. Self-trust is very important and being in nature will help them feel connected to a divine plan. 
Gibbous Phase personality

Positive expression: Inward, reception oriented; these are devoted people with conviction. They have a keen mind with discipline. They like working with others to make things work while seeking alternatives when the going gets tough. A critical mind is one of their greatest assets.
Challenge: Without realizing it they can become a perfectionist luring them into self-criticism and judgment. They can assert their will which leads to discontent with those they relate. Too much routine can lead to a workaholic. 
Adjustment: It’s important for them to have credible work. Shared success is their greatest reward. They must defend their beliefs but try to see others alternative ideas. Be happy, no matter what. Stay in the moment and be sure to share their love.
Full Phase personality
Positive expression: Inward, reception oriented; they are in a relationship with the universe (and everything else). They live for discovery and exploration. They are objective and can find the solution to problems with compromise. Being introspective of their life they do best with unlimited boundaries.
Challenge: They can be prone to addiction with thin skin for criticism. They can become scattered while living in the past and being secretive while also be withdrawn. They must share their experiences but stay clear of the gossip. 
Adjustment: Seeking all possible realities through meditation and sharing ideas. Look for ways to understand faith healing. Journaling and writing letters allows for a full confession of their truths. Spiritual ceremony along with breathing yoga promotes a greater awareness of all life.
Disseminating Phase personality
Positive expression: Inward, reception oriented; believing in themselves strongly enough to share their ideas with a passion. There is a deep need to demonstrate their ideas and they will work hard to prove them. They are great communicators and negotiators seeking allies for their ideals.
Challenge: Getting caught up in a lost cause to the point of fanaticism. Their obsessions can lead to arrogance while being swayed by the masses to gain power. They can be idealistic and impatient when others do not see things their way.
Adjustment: They must learn how to work in synchronicity and objectivity. Nature will relax them while sending them the message about how the universe works in harmony. Magical thought can come to them while visiting cultural centers and museums. There is a need to understand symbolism.
Third Quarter Phase personality
Positive expression: Inward, reception oriented; here are the reformers and thinkers. They live in a very principled world while thinking about humanitarian changes. Making adjustments to traditions is their forte while building alternative workable systems. They are altruistic by nature.  
Challenge: They can be judgmental while not accepting criticism which causes them to be secretive. Being in their head so much causes a split personality. They can be hyperactive and live with chronic exhaustion. 
Adjustment: They must constantly connect with their sub-conscious and explore all doubts. The past will keep them in an uncomfortable state of tension. Dancing and moving to music is healing. Their need is to feel a spiritual connection and can be brought about with nature retreats and ceremonial rituals.
Balsamic Phase personality
Positive expression: Outward, action oriented: here are the visionary people possessed by a destiny. They are the philosophers with ideals and dreams. Their lives can be filled with letting go and self-sacrifice in service to themselves and others. There rewards come by serving others. 
Challenge: They trap themselves in martyrdom and pessimism. Confusion about their calling leads to accepting chaos in their lives while in a continual search. Ultra sensitivity with relationships causes difficulties. 
Adjustment: Finding a flow in life by understanding mythology and archetypes. They need to deeply connect to their spiritual self on a regular basis. They are mystics but need to connect with that role. When they learn to let go of things that are not working out they can be guided by an intuited destiny.