The Eight Phases of Astrology

NEW PHASE  The Moon is 0 to 45 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Male Emotional Body of man. It is triggered into action by both inner sight (dreams & visions) & outer sight (whatever you see that promotes desire). It connects to the “Root Chakra” & programmed into the “Autonomic Nervous System” at the ages of 3.8 yrs old; Repeated at 29 to 33; 59 to 62; yrs old.
KEYWORDS: Action, beginning, emergence, projection, subjective, impulsive, birth, self-actualizer, emotional in response, intuitive, couragous,dramatic.
KEYNOTES: Ability to meet life head on; handle a crisis; No time for plans or details;
Connects to Gibbous Phase at the Female Emotional Body
CRESENT PHASE The Moon is 45 – 90 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Physical Body of man. It is triggered by taste, smell & touch. It is prompted to move forward with new growth breaking free from past. It connects to the “Sacral Chakra” & programmed into the “Voluntary Nervous System” at the ages of 3.8 – 7.4; yrs. old; Repeated at 33.2 – 36.10; 62.8 – 66.4 yrs old;
KEYWORDS: Struggle, growth, expansion, gathering, questioning, persistent, investigative, information oriented, curious, versatile, daring.
KEYNOTES: Becoming aware of the struggle necessary in creating a new reality;
Connects to 3rd Quarter Phase at the Female Physical Body 
FIRST QUARTER PHASE The Moon is 90 – 135 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Spiritual) Body of man. It is triggered by movement. “Lead, follow or get out of the way” is its mantra. Feeling desires. It connects to the “Solar Plexus Chakra” & programmed into our  “Think for ourselves Mental Function” at the age of 7.4 – 11.0; yrs. old; Repeated at 36.10 – 40.6; 67.4 – 70.0 yrs. old;
KEYWORDS: Manages Crisis, organizer, forceful, integrating, philosophical, need emotional security, interpersonal relationships, determination.
KEYNOTES: Developing depth of character; Using selective manipulation; Maturation;
 Connects to Disseminating Phase at the Female Spiritual Body
GIBBOUS PHASE The Moon is 135 – 180 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Female Emotional Body of man. It is triggered by receptive emotions. Learning actions create re-actions between self & others.It connects to the “Heart Chakra” & programmed into our “Mentality of Social – Relationships” at the age of 11.0 – 14.9 yrs. old; Repeated at 40.6 – 44.3; 70 -73.9 yrs. old;
KEYWORDS: Introspective, balance, integration, observation, reactive, administrator, discipline, assimilation, evaluator, analyze. 
KEYNOTES: A unifying force; Making choices & finding alternative; Desires to contribute value.
Connects to New Phase at the Male Emotional Body
FULL PHASE The Moon is 180 – 225 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Female Intellectual Body of man. It is triggered by perception, thought, hearing & sound. Needing to come to terms with duality, relationships-self/others, ideals & ideas. It connects to the “Throat Chakra” & programmed into our “Collective consciousness” at the age of 14.9 – 18.5 yrs. old; Repeated at 44.3 – 47.11; 73.9 – 77.5 yrs. old;
KEYWORDS: Objectivity, refinement, clarity, realization of dream, fulfillment, discovery, compromises, divorce, illumination, shadow, soul-conscious. 
KEYNOTES: Combining/coordinating seperate elements of consciousness; Illumination;
 Connects to Balsamic Phase at the Male Intellectual Body
DISSEMINATING PHASE The Moon is 225 – 270 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Spiritual Body of man. It is triggered by motion, movement, demonstration, & power. Demonstrating our ideas, beliefs, philosophies, while learning to give & receive. It connects to the “Third Eye Chakra” & programmed into our “Divine consciousness” at the age of 18.5 – 22.1 yrs. old; Repeated at 47.11 – 51.7; 77.5 – 81.3 yrs. old.
KEYWORDS: Sharing, Explaining, ritual, publishing, communicator, giving, reciprocating, selflessness, motivated, visionary.
KEYNOTES: Leverage of social relationships; Gaining from experience of others;
 Connects to First Quarter Phase at the Male Spiritual Body
THIRD QUARTER PHASE The Moon is 270 – 315 Degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Physical Body of man. It is triggered by connecting with the needs of humanity. The need to bond with others to grow beyond the present realities. It connects to the “Crown Chakra” & programmed into our “Alternate Reality Consciousness” at the age of 22.1 – 25.9 yrs. old; Repeated at 51.7 – 55.3; 81.3 – 84.11 yrs. old.
KEYWORDS: Realignment, revision, reorientation, success, futuristic, altruistic, humanitarian, prototype, validation, thinker.
KEYNOTES: Managing the mental crisis of change; Geared toward the future;
 Connects to the Crescent Phase at the Male Instinctive/Intuitive Body
BALSAMIC PHASE The Moon is 315 – 360 degrees ahead of the Sun. It connects to the Male Intellectual Body of man. It is triggered by perception, clear thought, dreams, internal hearing & sound. The experience of the matrix, trans-time/space, out-of-body perceptions. It connects to the “8th Chakra” & programmed into our “Universal Perception Consciousness” at the age of 25.9 – 29.6 yrs. old; Repeated at 55.3 – 59.6; 84.11 – 88.6 yrs. old. 
KEYWORDS: Release, transformation, healing, compassion, dissolving, karmic circumstances, prophetic, visionary, transition.
KEYNOTE: Possessed by a destiny; Sensing a superior power; Union with GOD;
 Connects to the Full Phase at the Female Intellectual Body