The Purpose of Astrology

 A chart cast for the moment of your birth can symbolically help us to understand the deeper purpose of our life.  A chart shows your potentials and tendencies.  When we have a clearer understanding of ourselves, we can become conscious of our joy as well as inharmonious qualities.  When we know better, we do better. Astrology is a map for discovering who we sincerely are and who we have the potential to become.

The horoscope shows us our potential and tendencies…a blueprint of our character.  Our character IS our destiny.  We can change our nature by changing our attitudes and patterns of behavior.  We take our first step to change by becoming consciously aware of our habits, and Astrology is an excellent tool for self-awareness.  A deep internal level of healing occurs when we reconcile the unconscious self with our conscious mind and align with our true authentic self.

The symbolic language of astrology is profound in that we can interpret a chart both scientifically and artistically.  Astrology has been used and documented for thousands of years in scientific observation and corresponding actions.  Symbols also have the power to trigger an intuitive knowing and realization that goes beyond known factors.

The purpose is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our life path, as it is to suggest “how to meet it” and the primary reason for the meeting. What characteristics do we express in any specific experience of our unfoldment as a person? Life has little to do with whether the events or the persons met during this particular experience are to be characterized as “bad or good.” What is essential is not the event, but whether or not we can meet it with the best results for the good of our growth. 

My intentions in reading your chart tend to be philosophical and humanistic.  My interest is with you as a person. And how I can most effectively assist you in understanding yourself, your energy, and your characteristics. A better way of responding to your life that includes how to actualize your highest potential.  To empower you to be authentically you! 

“Welcome to my website which represents over 50 years of my life’s studies in Astrology and the healing science’s. I have put several of these studies on this site for your enjoyment in your quest for knowledge. Recently my endeavors have encompassed studies into the subconscious mind which allows me to assist individuals to not only discover life patterns but how to release patterns that no longer serve the individual. My first experience in working with the subconscious mind (past life regression) extends back to the 80’s. As you will see from my writings Astrology can assist people in so many ways that even my self or this website can not begin to address. As to my style of reading a horoscope comes from studying the greatest minds in Astrology over the past hundred years which provides a unique approach. I read the chart as a whole that will produce profound insight into your past, present and evolution into your future. I hope you enjoy your journey through this site.” Many Blessings, Marvin  

  “A Recipe for Healing” 

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