What To Expect From A Reading

We all live in a world full of beliefs and archetypes that define who we are as individuals, people, culture, society and humanity. World history is full of repeating stories, myths and symbolisms that define our current perception of reality. We all need past and current heroes, people that went above and beyond. How did the lives of Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Mahatma Gandhi affect generations with standards of world service and sacrifice? They were people that defined our highest sense of who we can be. They symbols of greatness.

Anyone who works with symbols will develop intuitive senses behind the meaning of each. Working with an astrologer to interpret a universal map can and will take many different styles and shapes. The most important thing to remember is the relationship–the interaction with the interpreter–will be sufficient to obtain clarity concerning the subject matter. The greater the interpolation, the greater the interpretation for discerning understanding.

Astrologers draw a map called a horoscope for the moment of birth or a moment in time. That moment of birth of anything, such as a person, a question, business or country, can provide insight into its potential for growth or outcome by interpreting the meaning of that moment. Of course this makes it pretty important to have your own insights into who you are speaking.

Be that as it may, can we agree that an acorn will become an oak tree? That’s the trust of observation and experience. The RNA/DNA code of the universe as well as a moment in time provides the same understanding. How can we get to this information?

Forecast vs. Prediction

Never accept a prediction as a fact but always take an umbrella with you when the weatherman calls for rain; it makes for a better attitude! A professional astrologer properly educated and with honest motives will never make a prediction. They can, however, through observation and correlation, offer several ideas about what energy, currently or in the future, you will be working with and how you may best use it.